Helmeted Guineafowl (Numida meleagris)

Interesting :

Guinea fowl is a medium sized bird. Most of its body plumage is grayish is grayish black with tiny white dots. The head and the neck are featherless. There is a triangle bone on the top of its head. The beak edge is red and there is white skin on its face. It has short wings.

Habitat :

Helmet Guinea fowl usually live together as a troop of 10 to 100.It seeks for its food more on the ground than on the tree, except when is has been frightened, is will be able to fly at the lower level.

Food :

Helmet Guinea fowl eats the plant seed, rootlet, grass, and insect on the ground for its food.

Behavior :

Helmet Guinea fowl originally is a native bird of Africa. At present, it has been spread to all over the world because people like to feed it for the eating its eggs.

Point of view :

Update : 11 April 2017